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Radio / TV Personality

Her genuine connection to people has allowed RaqC to extend her career to various parts of entertainment including; radio, TV, hosting, blogging, writing, and red carpet coverage. RaqC credits her free spirit as her inspiration to seize every opportunity that presents itself.

raqc personality 2024


RaqC’s strong radio following has been utilized not only by radio stations but by event promoters throughout Hollywood. Her magnetic personality attracts fans of all ages and her flavorful style is ideal for hosting events, concerts, & clubs.

Motivational Speaker

Addressing youth and young adults is just one of the many passions RaqC enjoys sharing. She has been invited to speak at various educational institutions as well as local and national conferences and business chambers.


RaqC is the founder of “Amigas4MySoul” a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, motivating and inspiring women of all ages regardless of their sexual orientation or ethnicity. She hosts various events, conferences and self-empowerment workshops with the intention of teaching young women about the power of SELF-LOVE.

Social Media Influencer

RaqC has used her social media platforms to assist brands in delivering their social media messages through unique campaigns.

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