So you have  heard me talk about my new website i’m launching, A women empowerment website that I am putting my heart & soul into. It’s a website designed with the intention of uplifting, motivating & inspiring. That is what I & Amigas 4 My Soul  is about.

I know we all have different stories. Some of you have amazing stories. I know this because i’ve talked to many of you & I have gotten to know you through the radio, Facebook, Twitter or through Email. So I want to give you the opportunity to BLOG on my website and share your amazing story of  SURVIVAL, WEIGHT LOSS,  SUCCESS, ADVENTURE, STRENGTH, OVER COMING ADDICTION, SURVIVING ABUSE, any thing that makes sense…..something with an uplifting positive, empowering message.

I want to invite you to submit your sample blogs to

Please remember that as a blogger your punctuation and writing skills must be on point. Please attach your picture with your sample blog & contact info, email & number just in case my team and I need to contact you.

This is an opportunity to be heard and be creative. If you feel you have that gift of transmitting your feelings through writing, then what are you waiting for????? GOOOOOOOOO!  Now is YOUR time to shine.