APRIL 28, 2010

If you want to lose weight, and stay young, fit and slim there is one diet to be followed, the Japanese chopsticks diet!

It has been proved that following the principles of Japanese home-style cooking & healthy habits can make a dramatic difference to your health and shape. Here are the secrets of the Japanese kitchen, You will not have to worry about ‘Weight Loss’ anymore, as Japanese lifestyle & diet are designed to lose weight & stay slim naturally.

Fish Japanese people eat around 69kg of fish per person each year. Cutting back on meat and replacing it with fish will decrease your risk of heart disease. Oily fish are full of Omega 3 oils which are good for your skin & have been proven to help children learn.

Soya The Japanese eat 10 times more soya products that any other nation. It’s low in fat and calories and high in protein. The low incidence of breast and colon cancer in China and Japan has been partially attributed to the high consumption of soya products

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables As with all diets ? a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially leafy greens is a must

VarietyYour body will benefit from a wider range of nutrients. In a study, elderly Japanese women were found to eat 100 different foods a week, compared to only 30 for a woman following an average Western diet.

Small Portions & Chopsticks Japanese food portions like sushi, are bite-sized, compared to Western portions. Eating with chopsticks should slow down the speed of consumption, eating more slowly means that you’re less likely to overeat.

Power Breakfasts A typical Japanese breakfast includes green tea (which is believed to be full of antioxidants), steamed rice, miso soup (research has suggested that eating three bowls of miso soup a day could reduce the risk of breast cancer). It also includes a small omelette or piece of grilled salmon. This is a great start to the day as all foods are packed with nutritional benefits.