December 15, 2008

Hope you all had an dope weekend! Mine was pretty busy and a lot of fun! I got to participate in my very FIRST parade! Heeeyyyyy!! Good Times 🙂 I actually thought I was going to ride in a convertible but the plan changed since it was pretty cold on Saturday.  At first only my nephew Robert was going to ride along with me, but because my vehicle was changed to a Limo, my whole family got to ride along!! I love to incorporate my family into everything I do….success is no fun alone!

Shout outs to the City of Compton that invited me to participate in there 57th annual Christmas Parade!

Raq-C was in da building!

The limo I was riding in…

My nephew Robert & I were sticking our head out of the sunroof...he’s my lil road dog!

I received a plaque for participating…pretty cool ha?

Uncle Phil from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was there showing support 2 the City of Compton…

Once again nothing but love 2 The City of Compton for allowing me to participate and represent Latino 96.3!