December 3, 2008

iiHo, Ho, Ho….Feliz Navidad!!
It’s Christmas time….my favorite time of the year!  I love all of the smells and sights and warm feelings that fill me up!  And although most people associate Christmas with receiving gifts, let us remember that it feels much, much better to give.  Try it…I challenge you!  Choose one person this year, maybe a neighbor or family member, your child’s teacher or caregiver, anyone who you know is truly in need and make their Christmas brighter by giving without expecting anything in return!  Let the feeling of doing for others be your Christmas gift to yourself!
As for me, I’m doing it again!!  This Christmas I’ll be giving away a brand new, one of a kind “Raq-C” laptop to a deserving college student exclusively through!!  I know that school expenses add up and for many, many students a computer is a must, but more importantly a luxury.  So to honor all of my hard working estudiantes doing the damn thing, trying to better yourself for a brighter future- I bring you “Deck the Halls with Santa Raq-C!”   Click on the banner below or throughout my website for details!  
Good Luck!

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