September 5, 2009

So Thursday night I chilled with two of my close friends, Rene & Elizabeth! It was both of their bday’s so I took them to a nice dinner! Well while at dinner, a psychic approached Elizabeth & I and gave us both a¬†palm reading! Dude she was right on with both of us! Dayuuuuuuum! Cheers to great times!

Elizabeth Espinosa, Rene & Me

Best news reporter in L.A……Elizabeth Espinosa!!! (catch her everyday on KTLA channel 5 at 6:30pm)

Got a psychic reading while eating dinner!!!

Elizabeth’s turn to get a reading….

What the hell was the psychic telling her???

Elizabeth & Renesito el Chaparito!!!

Me & Rene……my boy that has always believed in me!!!