December 31, 2009

2008 was an amazing year….so many great things went down! I was featured in Latina Magazine, I re-launched my website, I was able to end a 7 year relationship (which made me so much stronger), I received an award from the City of Hope for my acheivement in radio, I was able to bless single mothers for Mother’s day, 2 needy families for Thanksgiving and a college student for Christmas!  What a year!

I always like to reflect on my year and what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish in the upcoming year! This is my advice to myself …..number 1 is remain FOCUSED, it is very easy to get distracted from your goals but when u want something so bad – nothing will distract u! Keep your PASSION alive…life is so much more exciting and tasteful when you follow your passion and third EAT HEALTY.  Your body is a temple and we only have one, so let’s take care of it! LIFE IS GOOD, REMEMBER TO SMILE 🙂

PASSION= “A powerful force that cannot be stopped”