July, 15, 2009

For all who don’t know Karrine Seffans is famous for su*cking & f*cking every rapper in America, Literally! I read her book, “Confessions of a Video Vixen”, she literally throws everyone under the buss. She put all her & their business out there for the whole world to read it. Now she has become an “author”. The way I see it she had turned a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE, kind of like what Kim Kardashian has done. I am not saying that I agree in anyway with what she has chosen to do with her body but who am I to judge her?  She was a single mom trying to survive. We all have our own journey!

I thought it was pretty interesting to hear her give advice on ” How to Find & Keep Mr. Right”…..kind of Ironic! She actually gives pretty good advice, I ain’t mad at her, She SHOULD know!!!

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