March 30, 2010

I’m inspired to WRITE. I wrote this the other night but forgot to post it:

Time is now 12:23am. I can’t sleep. I’ve always been a knocturnal person & I enjoy staying up late. Gives me chance to catch up on emails & just come back to the middle, get grounded with mother earth.

My mom told me I was born with a gift & I choose to believe that. Parents, “Believe in your kids”, you might be the only one that believes in he or she but YOUR belief alone is enough.

I constantly get emails & messages on FB, Twitter, Myspace that I inspire. Makes me feel so good. I’ve learned at a young age to be OK with myself & I think alot of people see that in ME. I try to really inspire my listerners & friends to Just BE the best that YOU can be. There is always room for improvement. Don’t ever think their isn’t becasue at that moment you become defeated.

So with that said I created an email address called so that if you ever want to write me something, a problem, something inspiring, advice, let me see an inspiring video, whatever! I’m open.

Love life & don’t ever take anything personal,