February 25, 2010

Sidebar: ladies, while presenting approachable body language is a must, don’t be shy or too proud to strike up conversation with a man. It’s safe to say that the days of men being the default pursuer are long gone. So be a charmer and flirt, flirt, flirt!

Networking Events socialize with other people within the same industry to “network?” Make a point to show your face at these gatherings once or twice a month. Conversation is all but effortless because of occupational similarities.

Airports –  an airport is a great place to meet people. Since, nowadays, you have to be there hours before your flight, park at a restaurant bar close to your gate and have a drink or quick bite. You may even be lucky enough to meet someone who’s booked on the same flight!

Work Out Spots – the gym is full of prowlers and is almost a place where people go to find dates or hook-ups.  You’ll be surprised at the repeat visitors you see, so get to know them and line up a day and time to meet and run/walk or bike together.

Church – whatever your religious beliefs, your place of worship is a great place to meet people with the same interests and ideals. In may cases, churches have ministries and groups for single people that meet once or twice a week.  Similarities in background are always a plus!

Museum – perhaps the most underrated place to mingle. Exhibits and art showcases are always in heavy rotation. Make a point to go on a Friday or Saturday night.  And it’s so okay to go solo!

Bowling Alley –  Take a group of your girls or guys to a bowling alley! There’s bound to be a group of the opposite sex somewhere near. Order a couple drinks or a pitcher of beer and play a few games. The corny shoes and gutter balls are a great way to break the ice and join together or create teams!

Hardware Stores – strange yet true. Many people have met their significant others randomly at a Home Depot or Lowes. First, men love a women who can fix things up herself … or at least try and vise versa. Something about it leaves a lasting impression. 

Concert / Jazz Cafe – there’s something to be said about how music can unite kindred spirits. Live shows are an attraction for music lovers, search through your local paper to find not so obvious places where bands perform.