Friday night started off with a pole dancing class….

Then Saturday it was off to a T-Mobile live appearance in Inglewood with Latino 96.3

Then I headed off to an Exotic Art show in West Hollywood….this is one of the pieces I bought. Her name is “La Viuda Alegre”….It is said that she entices men with her beauty but then her husbands “mysteriously” come up missing.

Then we were off to Cabo Cantina off Sunset…..Happy Hour! 2 for 1…..HEEEYYYYYY!

Then at night we stopped at my good friends over at Latin Skulls to get a tattoo….(very unexpected & random)……one of my favorite quotes “LIVE & LET LIVE”

SUNDAY=Fun Day off to celebrate my homegirl Lala’s bday…..1st sweaty sundays then brunch. The theme was the 80’s!!!

Nina Cruz, ME & Lala…

Devoured my smoked salmon omelete made out of egg whites….

Me & the bday girl, Lala!!!