December 5, 2008

Sorry I lagged it yesterday, but today i’m on it….Throwback Thursday a day late on a woman I looooovvveeee, Lucille Ball, who remains one of the most loved comedians of all time. A millionaire at the time of her death, Lucy was also the first woman to ever run a multimillion dollar corporation.

“I Love Lucy” ran successfully for 6 years. The first four years on the air, “I Love Lucy” was number one in the Neilsen Ratings. During its entire history, the show never fell below number three. “I Love Lucy” won more than 200 awards, 5 Emmys and the respect and admiration of the country.

Even though Lucy played a ditzy, wild hearted redhead, in real life, Lucy was nothing of the kind. One week after undergoing open heart surgery, on April 26, 1989, Lucy suffered a ruptured aorta and died. She was 77 years old.

WHAT A LIFE THIS WOMAN LIVED!!!! So adventurous, courageous, entertaining, dramatic and glamorous! She made and continues to make me and many others laugh….I LOVE LUCY!!!! y ARRIBA LAS MUJERES!