November 29, 2009

I received this message from one of my listeners on myspace…..IT MADE ME CRY!!!!

Hey there Raq-C,

There may be a slight chance that you just so might remember me. But if in doubt you dont, which I hope you do, Im Maggie Saldivar, the student from THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING that once interviewed you but still admires and listens to your show every chance I get.

Well Raq-C I wanted to write to you because to be honest every time Im feeling down and out as though the whole world is coming down on me. I look at your page and the empowering and encouraging words you state on your page give me that extra push and sense of self confidence.

Its your charisma and the fact that you know how to appreciate life that fills me up with strength and courage to realize that no matter how many obstacles there are in life we just have to strive for the better and not let others negativity ruin what you plan to achieve.

Its such a relief that there is someone out there who reaches out to you with their words and actions that is what makes things all that much more worth it. But I would like to thank you for helping me through those rough times with your ever so humble words and enticing energy.

For these past few months I have had to deal with health issues. Family members passing away and literally having to deal with unloyal and hypocrytical friendships and having to put up with lies and emotional withdrawls for a guy…leading me to a great depression and almost leaving all of this for good. But I thank God every chance I get to have a second chance to prove my capability in living life to the fullest. And it just so happens Raq-C that you have a great responsibility in my positive attitude.

Raq-C Its not everyday I talk to you on the phone or get to hear you on the radio but I keep in mind that you are the inspiration in my life. The role model that keeps me strong and sane and for that and so much more I know I am speaking for all of us young latinas out there when I say Thank you for being you, for staying humble and outgoing.

Thank you for reaching out to others and not forgetting what your true colors are.

You are someone that can do so much through being heard…you are an incredible human being…you know exactly what to say and how to say it.

I have the utmost respect for YOU…I wish you nothing but the best in life because all your achievements are well deserved.and may there be many to come. Keep up the great work and keep touching hearts and saving lives because I rest a sure that you saved me from giving up on life…THANK YOU.
-Sincerely one of your most loyal and #1 fans,
Maggie Saldivar