First off I want to start by thanking you all for supporting me, my career, my every move & my website. Thank you for visiting my blog on a daily basis. I appreciate you more than you know.

So I have a HUGE VISION….passion is what drives me. I love to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, & MOTIVATE! One day as I was driving and had a very clear vision of the following…..WWW.AMIGAS4MYSOUL.COM “Empowering the chicas of today for a better tomorrow.” I think its important for me to use my┬áinfluence to set an example, to guide & motivate the younger generation to make better decisions, educate themselves, feel confident about themselves & most importantly be SELF-APPROVED! It all begins with self-love. That is the key ingredient. will be an inspiring website that will have resources that will help you over come obstacles, motivate you, push you and help you develop into the woman you were destined to be. I don’t have the EXACT launch date (still working on it) BUT I do know that every event that Amigas4MySoul does will be done with heart. Beginning with “RaqC’s Amigas4MySoul “Prom Dress Giveaway.”

STAY TUNED for amazing events, updates & the 1st Annual AMIGAS4MYSOUL conference!! The conference that will change your life.